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Manage, Monitor & Protect Your Networks

The SentinelC project is an open-source cybersecurity solution that protects your wired and wireless networks at home and in the workplace.

A security-first operating system for network appliances based on Linux®.

Deploy your own Cloud Controller to manage all your SentinelC appliances.

A desktop and mobile web application for remote administration and monitoring.

Web/mobile app & Admin console

You can manage your networks usign our Web/Mobile app, a user-friendly interface to manage and monitor remotely all your networks. Or, you can manage everything from our most advanced administration console.
In addition, SentinelC provides multilingual support (currently French and English) as well as complete technical and functional documentation.

Who is this for?

  • Power users and network enthusiasts

    To test and have a global view of your network, as well as a facility to manage it.

  • Small/Medium business

    To manage multiple locations and to control network connections in the company for monitoring and security purposes.

  • IT services Providers (MSPs)

    All your customers are on it, so you can manage them remotely without any problem.

  • Network security researchers

    You have the opportunity to develop security functions or to experiment on your networking hardware.

Network appliance architecture supported

Raspberry ARM Intel

Our solution is so light, you can even run a full router on a Raspberry Pi 4!
SentinelC embedded OS is designed to be simple to install and easy to manage.
Yet this is enterprise-ready and can support complex setup for high availability on the device of your choice.

Embedded solution

Supported appliances hardware running Linux OS with our custom embedded agent allow SentinelC to control every connections and packets going through them.

  • Multiple accounts and locations
  • Automatic firmware update
  • Factory reset on request
  • Remote reboot
  • Secure Remote Management (VPN)
  • New connections detection
  • Bad wired connections detection
  • Malicious network analysis and alerts
  • Ports management with restricted access
  • Additionnal disk support
  • Support for running embedded services
  • Inventory management